About Us

The story of Alcazar Heat starts seven years ago with a group of formerly underemployed guys hanging out in their apartment trying to figure out what to do with their grad degrees and spending copious time experimenting in the kitchen. Time went on and they got jobs, but the seeds of that experimentation took root and grew until our protagonists couldn’t look away any longer.

As was the story for many, the pandemic gave Peter and Kelson the opportunity to rediscover what had made them so happy years ago. Over many video happy hours and impulse buys, the two developed the idea for a hot sauce company that would reflect the flavors they were missing and would want on hand at the front of their fridges. Experimenting, testing and subjecting friends and families to their experiments, the two winnowed down their recipes to the most popular and got to work building a company from there! We’re proud of what we’ve created and hope you keep coming back for more of the sauces that brighten our meals.




Live your life spicy!

Kelson and Peter



Produced & Distributed by:

Alcazar Heat, LLC

Boston, MA 02134



There is deep in us a sense of heroic quest; our modern way of life, with its emphasis on security, its distrust of unknown and its elevation of abstract collective values, has repressed the heroic impulse to a degree that may produce dangerous consequences. One has only to observe the great paradox of our time: how, in the midst of imposing display of public welfare, the private sense of neglect and insecurity has grown in the heart of the individual person.

Heart of the Hunter

Laurens Van Der Post